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Taking a Baby to Universal Studios Orlando - Tips & Tricks for a Hassle-Free Adventure

Visiting Universal Studios Orlando is an exciting experience for the whole family, but taking a baby along can present some unique challenges. I think its perfectly normal to be nervous about taking your infant somewhere new. I have taken my infant to Universal Studios Orlando twice, all before he was 7 months old. To help make your trip as smooth as possible, I have compiled a list of essential tips and tricks to navigate the theme park with your little one. From dealing with inconvenient situations to ensuring their comfort and safety, let's explore how to make the most of your visit to Universal Studios Orlando with your baby.

Go with a Group of People

I went with my family. Having six of us to watch the baby was very helpful. It would be difficult to ride the rides with only two adults. You would end up riding each ride alone. Universal Studios does not have any rides for lap sitting infants. Be aware of height restrictions on rides before joining the queue. For the rides your baby cannot participate in, Universal provides a Child Swap feature. The child swap feature allows part of your group to ride the ride while one or two of you stay back with the infant. After, the group is done you swap out and do not have to wait in the line all over again. To use this feature all you have to do is let the person working the ride know that you will be using the child swap feature.

Have a Plan for Feeding and Naps

Unlike Disney, Universal does not have designated baby care centers. Plan your itinerary accordingly to ensure you can accommodate your baby's feeding and nap schedule. If you breastfeed, they do provide a small room for you in the First Aid building. This would also be a great place to pump if you need to. Finding hot water to warm formula or breastmilk bottles can be a struggle, but there is a Starbucks and a few other places to get warm water. You could always bring a travel size bottle warmer to make things easier. For naps, I brought a portable sound machine and light weight stroller cover.

Use the Universal Studios App

Trust me, using the app will make your life easier! It is useful to look up wait times, map out your day, locate food options, and many more. There is no need to run around aimlessly when you are carrying around an infant. You can even plan out your day before you arrive at the park.

Bring Only the Essentials

Bring along essential baby items such as diapers, wipes, baby food, bottles, formula, and extra clothing. Consider using a backpack-style diaper bag for easy carrying. Don't forget sun protection like hats, sunscreen, and lightweight clothing. Universal Studios also permits strollers, so bring one that is comfortable and easily maneuverable. If your baby likes being in a carrier, that will also come in useful.

Beat the Crowds

Arrive at the park early to enjoy shorter lines and cooler temperatures. Taking advantage of Early Park Admission if you're staying at a Universal Orlando Resort hotel can help you experience popular attractions with reduced wait times.

Take Breaks and Find Shade

Given the Florida heat, it's crucial to keep your baby cool and comfortable. Take regular breaks in shaded areas, visit indoor attractions for break from the sun, and stay hydrated. Consider bringing a portable fan or misting fan to keep your baby refreshed.

Plan for Meal Times

Check the park's dining options and make reservations in advance if possible. Bring your baby's food or explore the available options in the park. High chairs and microwaves are often available in dining areas for your convenience.

Capture the Memories

Remember to take plenty of photos and videos throughout the day to cherish these precious moments. Universal Studios offers designated character meet-and-greet areas where you can capture beautiful memories with your baby and favorite characters.

Be Flexible and Enjoy

Flexibility is key when traveling with a baby. Be prepared for unexpected situations and adapt to your baby's needs. Don't forget to enjoy the magic of Universal Studios Orlando and create lasting memories with your little one.

Taking a baby to Universal Studios Orlando can be a rewarding experience with a little extra planning and preparation. By following these tips and tricks, you can navigate the park smoothly, keep your baby comfortable, and make the most of your visit. Remember to be flexible and enjoy the adventure together as a family. Happy travels!

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